We are masters of our craft.

Yes, that is a bold statement for certain. But your ability to conduct business while relocating is mission critical to your firm and to protecting the integrity of your bottom line.

In the words of Red Adair, “If you think that hiring a professional is too expensive, try hiring an amateur”.

Coats Group is Fluent Across Business Sectors

Each business relocation is unique unto itself. Coats Group brings with it a vast knowledge of the needs of all three business sectors as it relates to relocating. Our business base represents a balance of activity across all sectors. However, our project approach is pragmatic and non-assumptive in nature and allows us to go direct to the areas of sensitivity for each project type

Business Sectors Include




Client Commitment
Having started a career in relocation in 1970, Steve Coats founded Coats Group, Inc. in 1992 on the sole premise that his commercial relocating clients needed leverage in this once in a lifetime event and that their best interest must be protected above all else. In order to maintain the degree of integrity and sustainability to this end, Coats Group had to make some hard decisions. First and foremost we determined that we would only be retained to serve our clients on a consulting basis and that we MUST NOT become a general contractor of services during which we would be both consultants and movers. The idea of general contracting eminently leads to conflicts of interest. So we decided from day one that we would hold only one contract during a relocation coordination project-For relocation consulting, coordination and management. We are totally committed to the client and their best interest.
Client Risk Mitigation
Client Risk includes much more than claims to damaged assets by movers or riggers. The Coats Group due diligence process will discover and resolve all areas of client related risks.
Client Time and Cost Savings
The Client Relocation Project Leader or Project Leadership Team most often will also have full time responsibilities in addition to the relocation project. The team or individuals will always want to maintain control of their destiny and rightfully so. As commercial relocation projects most often only occur once or maybe twice in a career, the question is what do I do and when? The Coats Group team performs all of the due diligence that will lead to the successful completion of all client goals. It is true that we rely on our clients as the decision making body, but all decisions will be made by them based upon the very best of data. At the end of the day our clients have truly maintained a posture of being at the center of control with a minimal investment of time and project costs have been contained.
Contingency Planning
• What happens if it rains on move day? What happens if we have a large order that unexpectedly must ship on the day that we move? How do we manage an accounting closing that happens during the physical relocation? Approximately 95% of all issues will be resolved directly during the Coats Group due diligence process. The question then becomes how do we plan for the other 5% of the issues that are impossible to predict? We will develop a comprehensive plan for all contingencies so that even the unpredictable, becomes part of the plan and smoothly integrates into the total successful solution.
We Are Uniquely Creative
Coats Group just sees relocation projects differently than most. By implementing our experiences and creativity we often shorten the window of time required for the physical move by 25% to 50%. This fact, alone, resolves many relocation related issues and serves to contain project costs.
Customer and Employee Communications
Coats Group delivers a complete protocol of communications with customers, employees and vendors by identifying the audience types, best media production type and communications project timing.
We Know How to Negotiate with Move Related Contractors for Our Clients
We know what rates should be charged by relocation related contractors on a nationwide basis. We want to make certain that our client is not paying too much for the physical move. Coats Group clients are truly leveraged.
We Manage the Relocation Related Contractors so You Don’t Have to
Coats Group will field the team of professionals to be on site and physically manage every facet or your relocation. We believe that you should be in control, but also have a life outside of the project. So we will be there on move day.
Project Cost Savings
For clients that will allow Coats Group to deliver the full complement of our scope of work, we feel strongly that we should have returned the value of our fees back to our clients.