The coordination of Corporate Relocations historically refers to the following sectors.

Offices – Data Centers – High Density File Area – Record Storage Areas

fortuneCoats Group was retained by Fortune 100 client in Austin, TX to coordinate their relocation. This large insurance company consisted of 1,500 work positions and all existing furniture. They were coming from a 20,000 square foot data center and a 350,000 square foot old space and moving to a new space consisting of 467,000 square feet.

Before Coats Group retention, the client project team had previously planned for a four (4) phase move with an allowance of two weeks in between relocation phases. Once the Coats Group was hired, we had a meeting with the client’s I.T. Department. Coats Group immediately discovered potential problems with the physical movement of servers with each phase of their plan. Over time with accelerated growth they had, in reality, created fragmentation of the use of servers.

Each phase of moving would have left large numbers of work positions without access to operating systems and therefore could not work. With large numbers of staff unable to perform their job functions for a certain period of time was found to be potentially catastrophic to the business. This particular project yielded an unusual amount of egress, ingress and vertical transportation flexibility. Coats Group prepared and presented a plan that would complete the relocation “in total” in 48 hours.

We would accomplish this by assisting the client with the retention of four (4) sets of move related contractors, all of which would be in motion simultaneously. The Coats Group strategy was accepted by the client. The move was a tremendous success by all standards and saved months of downtime. The physical move was actually accomplished in 36 hours instead of 48 hours. Coats Group saved the client the total amount of its fees plus much more and the overall relocation project was completed well under budget due to the effective containment of time.


Continental Airlines retained Coats Group to coordinate a relocation that represented a consolidation of Ten (10) existing sites in Houston, Texas consisting of 3,200 work positions that were to be consolidated into their new headquarters. The new headquarters included 42 floors and 880,000 square feet that incorporated a Data Center which represented 25,000 square feet of space.

Over time, with fast and significant growth, many of the business units that were to relocate had become split up between the facilities. In order to bring the now fragmented groups together on the new floors this meant that simultaneous movement from two or more facilities would be required during the same sequence of moving. Prior to the retention of Coats Group, the client’s Real Estate, Facilities Management and I.T. Teams had concluded that the physical relocation would require a minimum of 4 months to complete.

Another project fact was the client’s I.T. Team elected to field all of the labor resources required to disconnect and reconnect all PC’s and Printers as well as provide all functions that would be necessary in order to bring these devices back online at the new headquarters. A limitation related to I.T. capacity was artificially created due to the number of work positions that could help relocate within specified periods of time.

Coats Group worked with the I.T. Team to enhance their labor force in order to have sufficient work positions that could be physically relocated within defined phases. Coats Group was then able to go back to the Project Leadership Team with a relocation strategy that would complete the physical move over a six week period and that would not encroach on the construction schedule. The Project Leadership Team accepted the relocation strategy.

The relocation was completed precisely on the scheduled time line. Through the efficiencies gained by Coats Group planning, 30% of the project budget was returned to the client which included the savings of 100% of Coats Group fees. Subsequent to the relocation project, several of the Project Leadership Team members were promoted.

bhCoats Group was retained by Baker Hughes, Inc. to coordinate the consolidation of offices from seven (7) subsidiaries into one newly constructed regional headquarters building in Bakersfield, California consisting of 200,000 square feet. The existing sites for two of the seven subsidiaries were located 100 miles from the new headquarters. The relocation project included the movement of 500 work positions.

The Project Leadership Team included Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management and the I.T. Team. Prior to the retention of Coats Group, the Project Leadership Team had concluded that the physical relocation would take 3 weeks to accomplish due to the diverse locations of existing sites and the demands on the I.T. Team. This plan also required that temporary data links be implemented so that all operating systems would remain operable.

At the conclusion of the Coats Group’s due diligence phase, we discovered that the project offered enough egress, ingress and vertical transportation to allow for a physical move over a long weekend and would eliminate the need for the temporary data link. Coats Group presented a plan to the Project Leadership Team that would accomplish the physical and technical relocation over a 2 ½ day period. The Project Leadership Team accepted the relocation strategy and allowed Coats Group to move forward.

The relocation commenced at Noon on Friday and was completed on Sunday at Noon with all PC’s and Printers connected and on line. The ability for the client to do normal business was protected. The relocation plan and execution resulted in a transparent environment for the client. By reducing the timeline for relocating, Coats Group delivered its fee in total back to the client along with an additional 20% of the project budget.