The coordination of Industrial Relocations historically refers to the following sectors.

Heavy Manufacturing - Light Manufacturing - Assembly - Distribution

After hundreds of successful moves and literally millions of dollars saved in cost cutting planning, Coats Group is the best choice for your industrial relocation projects. Whether it's a small warehouse to relocate or an entire 10 building complex you need moved, Coats Group has the experience to help you get it done the fastest and cheapest way possible. Read about a few of our success stories below and you’ll see why Coats Group is the best in the business for industrial relocation project consulting.


Coats Group was retained to coordinate the movement of a Snyder General distribution center from Staunton, Virginia to Dayton, Ohio. The existing Staunton site consisted of 175,000 square feet of space and included 210 truckloads of product. The new space consisted of 225,000 square feet of space. Much of the material stored on the existing pallet racking was not palletized or otherwise contained. The Project Leadership Team included Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management and Production Management.

Prior to the retention of Coats Group, the Project Leadership Team held 4 major concerns; the project costs; the continuance of the ability to ship parts while relocating; the window of time required in order to complete the physical relocation; the process of accounting for all parts at the point of delivery at the new site. The Project Leadership Team had previously projected that the physical move would require approximately six weeks to accomplish due to the re-utilization of existing pallet racking. However, this notion also meant that product shipping would be required from the existing and new sites simultaneously in order to deliver transparency of the relocation to its customers.

Coats Group was able to show the Project Leadership Team the advantages of purchasing and installing used pallet racking in the new facility prior to the physical relocation that met all specifications. With the acquisition of replacement pallet racking, Coats Group was able to show that the physical relocation could be completed over a 10 day period. The Project Leadership Team accepted this project plan. Coats Group assisted with the acquisition, layout and installation of the new pallet racking. On the second day of physical moving, a major winter snow storm arrived in Virginia and lasted for three days.

Despite the weather factor Coats Group management lead the team to the completion of the project on schedule and 40% under budget. Coats Group fees were fully returned to the client.

dyna-drillCoats Group was retained to coordinate the consolidated movement of three defined manufacturing businesses for Schlumberger Dyna-Drill in Houston, Texas from three mutually exclusive sites into one (1) newly constructed manufacturing building set on 40 acres. The relocation project consisted of the movement of 90 large footprint machines (each with support assets), materials, yard environment, lab and offices.

The old manufacturing component existed within 225,000 square feet of shop space. Materials consumed 30,000 square feet of warehousing. The yard was jointly used and spread across 15 acres. The lab consisted of 2,500 square feet of space and the office move included the movement of 175 work positions. At the time of the relocation each of the businesses were at full production capacity.

At the time of Coats Group retention the client had preconceived that the physical move would require three (3) months to accomplish in order to be able to maintain production at the current high levels. Through the Coats Group due diligence process, we discovered that the existing and new facilities possessed ample egress and ingress flexibility to achieve three physical movements simultaneously. We developed a plan in which we would assist the client with the retention of three sets of relocation related contractors, one set for each business. Each set of relocation contactors would work simultaneously. The client accepted the Coats Group relocation strategy.

The plan for relocating was conducted precisely to plan and was evaluated as a tremendous success by all concerned. The client’s businesses were not only physically moved, but back into full production within our specified time line. We were able to save the total value of our fees through the efficiencies planned and managed by our team. The overall project resulted in over 25% cost savings from the project budget due to Coats Group planning.

bhCoats Group was retained by Baker Hughes, Inc. to coordinate the consolidation of manufacturing facilities from seven (7) subsidiaries into a newly constructed facility in Bakersfield, California consisting of 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 70 acres of yard space. Each subsidiary was housed in its own seperate site.

The existing sites for two of the subsidiaries were located 100 miles from the new manufacturing site. The relocation project included the movement of manufacturing, small parts, assembly, materials, yard and a lab from each site. The Project Leadership Team included Corporate Real Estate, Production Management, Facilities Management, HSE and I.T. Prior to the retention of Coats Group, the Project Leadership Team had concluded that the physical relocation would require 7 weeks, due to the diverse locations of existing sites and the nature of assets to be relocated. At the conclusion of the Coats Group due diligence phase, we discovered that the project offered enough egress and ingress to allow for two sets of riggers/machinery movers and movers to relocate two subsidiaries simultaneously. Coats Group presented a relocation strategy to the client that would complete the physical relocation within 3 weeks.

The Project Leadership Team accepted this plan and authorized Coats Group to move forward. The physical relocation project was completed along with the full commissioning of all machines precisely on the scheduled date.

The relocation plan and execution resulted in a transparent environment for the client. By reducing the timeline for relocating, Coats Group delivered its fee in total back to the client along with an additional 35% of the project budget.