Coats Group, Inc. feels strongly that it should remain true to its core competencies. We invest heavily in service product development, software and training in the interest of continually honing the skills and services that we bring to the client table and to the end of delivering the most cost effective service that is available in the marketplace. Coats Group has developed several competencies over long tenure that it delivers to the marketplace with regularity.

Coats Group, Inc. delivers this service to the corporate, industrial and research & technology communities. The deliverables that are the byproduct of this discipline are following:

  • Lead Relocation Related Project Leadership Team Meetings
  • Due Diligence Meetings with all Effected Business Units, Departments, Work Cells or Lab Cells
  • Development of Risk Management Plan
  • Work Closely with I.T. Staff and/or I.T. Consultants
  • Development of the Relocation Strategy
  • Relocation Schedule Development
  • Full Project Communications Platform Customers and Employees
  • Formal Process for Relocation Related Contractor Retention
  • Directly Coordinate all Technical Vendors
  • Assist with Relocation Contractor Retention
  • Full Support for All Relocating Staff and Employees
  • Directly Manage All Client, Vendor and Contractor Activities
  • Full Complement of Post Move Support

We often hear the question, “Can I really relocate our business and remain in business?” or “At a high level what will be required in order for us to relocate our business and stay in business?” or “We will be moving our business. What options do I have for moving?” or “How much should I put into our budget for relocating?” These are all really important questions.

Coats Group delivers an abbreviated protocol that is designed to create responses to these executive questions in a quick and efficient manner. We will….

  • Conduct High Level Meetings with I.T. and/or it’s Consultants
  • Conduct High Level Meetings with Executive Staff
  • Development of Matrix of Impending Issues that Must be Resolved
  • Business Group
  • Supply Risk Assessment
  • Supply Varied Options for Relocating
  • Supply Project Budgetary Numbers
  • Supply Executive Summary

Most relocation related projects result in assets that are no longer serviceable or needed and that are disposable. Coats Group will assist with the coordination of the disposition of these assets.

  • Identify Surplus Assets
  • Provide an Inventory of All Surplus Items
  • Assist with Determining the Overall Best Protocol for Disposal
  • Create Bid Documents for Liquidators
  • Conduct Bid Meetings and Site Visits
  • Assist with the Selection of the Buyer of the Surplus Assets
  • All Funds Extended by the Buyer Directed to the Client
  • Manage the Asset Removal Process
  • Coordinate all Disciplines to Return Space to the Building Owner in Broom Cleaned Condition